Home Improvement for Senior Citizens

People who enter their senior years typically have only a fixed income. In this regard, many people on their senior years find it a tad difficult to adjust. Having this dilemma of having only limited funds, it is quite arduous for senior citizens to pay for unexpected expenses like home maintenance and repairs. It is terrific to know though that grants and programs are allotted and available for the home improvement of senior citizens. These grants aid in paying the majority of the repair costs, thus significantly reducing the overall cost.

The kind of grants and programs available will be dependent on where the senior citizens live and on their financial status. Which of these grants for home improvement for senior citizens should they avail of? How would they know if they are eligible to avail these grants, and how would they apply?

First, some states and local governments offer financial assistance programs that are inclusive of grants, loans, or a combination of two to aid low to moderate income senior citizens to pay for modifications and improvements done to their homes. These include accessibility improvements like adding wheelchair ramps and handrails as well as other home improvements such as insulation, cooling, and roofing. Some states even offer a zero-interest-rate deferred –loan-program for minor repairs assistance. Senior citizens can contact their local housing authority to know more about these programs.

Second, if the senior citizen is a veteran, he/she is entitled to receive veteran benefits. The benefits include grants that will shoulder home improvement costs. It also encapsulates financial assistance for the veteran senior citizens’ daily needs. Veteran senior citizens only need to contact the Veterans Benefits Administration to know the application process and requirements.

Third, the federal government also offers grants and offers for home improvement for senior citizens living in qualified areas and has met low-income requirements. The amount of grants and loans will be dependent on the kind of program that a senior citizen would apply to. Senior citizens may contact their local US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to know more information about these grants and offers for home repairs and improvements.

Last, numerous non-profit organizations offer programs and services specifically for home improvement for senior citizens. Some of these organizations even offer volunteer home maintenance, repairs, and modifications. Others organize various home-repair events for eligible senior citizens. These services are not only for low-income senior citizens, but also for low-income veterans and military families, people and families living with disabilities, and disaster victims. Senior citizens can check the list of non-profit organizations in their local area, enquire of the services they offer, and how they can avail of these services.

Given that senior citizens have only limited available funds, it is hugely beneficial for them to avail of these programs, grants, and offers specifically for home improvements for senior citizens. These programs and grants will surely cut the cost of home repairs, and their worries about where to get the money should the need arises.


Brian King